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Product Smallgoods
Lyoner, Plain [$ 2.90 / 100g] Lyoner, Plain
Our Lyoner is made from pure pork, with a variety of fine spices. It’s ideal for sandwich fillings and school lunches.

Lyoner, Paprika [$ 2.90 / 100g] Lyoner, Paprika
This type of Lyoners spices, contain red and green capsicum flakes to give it a special taste.

Lyoner, Baerlauch (Wild Garlic) [$ 2.90 / 100g] Lyoner, Baerlauch (Wild Garlic)
Baerlauch is wild mild garlic imported from Germany. It gives this type of Lyoner a unique taste as it is not available in New Zealand.

Kaiserjagdwurst [$ 3.11 / 100g]
Jagdwurst is made from lean pork pieces with mustard seeds and a hint of garlic to give it this special flavour..

Frankfurter Gelbwurst [$ 2.90 / 100g] Frankfurter Gelbwurst
Gelbwurst gets its name from the colour of the casing, it has a mild taste and is a favourite for children.

Bierschinken [$ 3.35 / 100g] Bierschinken
Bierschinken is a type of Lyoner and it contains large chunks of pork topside. Bierschinken is a feast for your eyes. We also supply these products made into platters.

Fleischkaese (Meatloaf’s) [$ 2.55 / 100g] Fleischkaese (Meatloaf’s)
Fleischkaese is a variety of plain fine texture, sold as sandwich sliced or thick sliced as a meal, served with fried eggs and onions.

Fleischkaese, Pizza [$ 2.55 / 100g] Fleischkaese, Pizza
One of our favourites, very tasty, the ingredients are low fat cheese, capsicum flakes red and green and pieces of dried smoked bacon to give it this special lovely flavour.

Liver Pate, Veal [$ 4.26 / 100g] Liver Pate, Veal
Veal Liver Pate made from pork and milk veal, vanilla and selected spices are added to obtain a delicious taste good on sandwiches or crackers.

Liver Pate, Hausmacher [$ 3.72 / 100g]
Chunky meat and liver pieces plus our secret spices to obtain a special taste, served as sandwich spread on toast or crackers.

Schwartenmagen, (Brawn) [$ 3.29 / 100g] Schwartenmagen, Plain (Brawn)
Brawn made with pork pieces in jelly with spices added, mild for everybody’s taste buds.

Zwiebelmettwurst [$ 7.20 per piece of abt. 200 gram] Zwiebelmettwurst
Zwiebelmettwurst is a very German speciality, minced pork meat with onion flavour added. It's popular in Germany eaten on a fresh bread roll for breakfast or at lunchtime.

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8a Kotua Pl, Wakatu Industrial Estate, Stoke, Nelson 7011
Phone: (03) 541 0981