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All our Bratwuerste are made from 100% pork shoulder
Our Bratwuerste are a hit on every BBQ

Bratwurst, Heidelberger (raw or precooked) [$ 2.60 / 100g] Bratwurst, Heidelberger
The Heidelberger Bratwurst is an old secret family recipe with a hint of garlic and it’s the hot tip.

Bratwurst, Nuernberger (raw or precooked) [$ 2.60 / 100g] Bratwurst, Nuernberger
The Nuernberger is also a favourite of our customers, made with delicate spices, the main ones being Marjoram and Lemon.

Bratwurst, Thueringer (raw or precooked) [$ 2.60 / 100g] Bratwurst, Thueringer
The Thueringer Bratwurst recipe dates back to the 1400 Century and has been improved over generations by our company in Germany. It has a mild taste of caraway. We recommend it on the BBQ or as a meal at night.

Weisswurst [$ 2.80 / 100g] Weisswurst
Weisswurst is made of pork and milk veal; it contains lemon and fresh parsley to get this exquisite taste. This one is better than the ones served at the Oktoberfest in Muenchen, because we only use fresh meat. It can be heated, simmered in water or fried on a BBQ. It tastes very yummy with sweet mustard.

Frankfurter (Wiener) * [$ 2.64 / 100g] Frankfurter (Wiener)
Frankfurter, the famous sausages known all over the world, often copied but never reaching the same standard, only real German sausage makers know all the tricks to achieve a product of this quality. When heated, do not boil as the skin will burst and the flavour is lost.

Kransky * [$ 2.72 / 100g] Kransky
Kransky’s are originally from Poland. It used to be very fatty, now modified to German specifications; they are made from lean pork, some beef and cheese.

Krakauer * [$ 2.66 / 100g] Krakauer
Krakauer is another old polish recipe perfected by our Master Butcher who adds garlic and caraway seeds to obtain an authentic character.

Debrecziner * [$ 2.66 / 100g] Debrecziner
Some like it spicy. They are made from beef and pork with cayenne pepper added to give it a real spicy taste. We also add garlic to enhance the flavour and taste. No sauce needed when you eat this one.

Fleischwurst * [$ 2.53 / 100g] Fleischwurst
Fleischwurst contains pork and beef. You can eat pieces of Fleischwurst hot or cold at lunch or for dinner.

Bockwurst * [$ 2.53 / 100g] Fleischwurst
Bockwurst also is a very popular one with a long-standing tradition in Germany. It can be heated, simmered in water or fried on a BBQ. Bockwurst served with potato salad and mustard is a great and easy meal.
  *Manuka smoked

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