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Products Cooked /Smoked /Fresh Meats
Kassler, Bone out * [$ 4.60 / 100g] Kassler, Bone out

Kassler, Bone in
Kassler is the loin of pork, hot smoked and baked to give it its unique flavour.
A real delicacy, as it is moist due to the very special preparation and the special touch from our Master butcher.

Black Forest Ham * [$ 7.37 / 100g] Black Forest Ham
Black Forest Ham is made the traditional way, which is dry cured to extract moisture, than smoked over several weeks with Manuka sawdust to give it that special taste. Thin slices can be served as an excellent entree rapped around Honey melon pieces or with grapes.

Bacon (Speck) * [$ 4.52 / 100g] Bacon (Speck)
Pork belly dry cured and smoked, looks like streaky bacon but the flavour is more superior, can be added to enhance the taste to a variety of dishes.

Fat Speck * [$ 3.25 / 100g] Green Speck
Fat Speck is dry cured smoked rear fat. It’s excellent to use as stuffing for any roast to enhance the flavour.

  *Manuka smoked

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8a Kotua Pl, Wakatu Industrial Estate, Stoke, Nelson 7011
Phone: (03) 541 0981