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Product Salamis

Beersticks are great with a cool glass of beer

German Salami [$ 5.79 / 100g] German Salami
This Salami contains 70% pork and 30% beef. It is mild and Manuka smoked. German Salami is a favourite of all Salami lovers.

Chorizo * [$ 4.45 / 100g] test
Chorizo is an old style Spanish type of beerstick. This beerstick is made from 80% pork and 20% beef with Spanish spicy paprika taste and well-smoked flavour.

Kolbasz * [$ 4.45 / 100g] Kolbasz
Kolbasz are made from Pork, but garlic and sweet Hungarian capsicum added to give it a distinct taste, very much liked by our East European customers.

Mettenden * [$ 4.45 / 100g] Mettenden
Mettenden is a German type of beerstick. It comes from the countryside of Westphalia and contains 100% lean pork with specially selected spices. Mettenden are gently smoked and have a mild taste.

  *Manuka smoked

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